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Shipping & Returns

All returns, replacements, technical services and support shall be handled by Eclectic Visionís customer service organization as follows:

a) Products described below may be returned to Eclectic Vision within 30 days for replacement or adjustment.

b) To assure prompt handling, Purchaser must obtain a Return Materials Authorization ("RMA") from Eclectic Vision and reference this number on return shipping documents.

c) Returns made without the RGA Number will be returned to Purchaser, freight collect.

Eclectic Vision reserves the right to reverse any credit issued to Purchaser: For any Product not returned after authorization and requested by Eclectic Vision; or, if, upon return, such Product is determined by Eclectic Vision not to be defective. Eclectic Vision will grant full credit for Products not supplied in accordance with Purchaserís orders; and Products which are defective at the time of receipt by the Purchaser. Eclectic Vision will grant partial credit for Products ordered in error, with the exceptions noted below. Product returns for Products ordered in error are subject to a 15% restocking charge plus any applicable charges for necessary inspection, reworking or refurbishing, or for items not normally catalogued by Eclectic Vision.
a) Hazardous materials authorized for return must be packed, labelled and shipped in accordance with DOT regulations governing transportation of hazardous materials and any other applicable requirements.

b) Eclectic Vision will not grant credit for Products which have been discontinued OR , Products which are personalized or customized OR, Non-Eclectic Vision line products supplied to Purchaser as an accommodation, including, without limitation, third party purchases OR, Products not purchased from Eclectic Vision OR, Refrigerated OR temperature controlled Products OR Products which are outdated, shelf-worn, used or defaced and, therefore, unsuitable for return to stock and resale as new, OR reagents, diagnostics, or chemicals which have been opened; and OR Products that have been shipped outside the United States.